We design delivery servicesfor publishers, retailers & advertisers.

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Custom Distribution Solutions & Alternate Delivery

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a periodical publisher, a catalog retailer, an advertiser, a printer or mailer, if you’ve got materials to deliver we’re the custom distribution and alternate delivery solution that fits your specs, timetable and budget.

Publishers, do you need subscriber, VIP or media copies delivered? How about distribution to retailers located inside NYC air, bus and rail terminals? Do you need street sales (hawking) or service for hotel amenity copies or other specialty locations?

Catalog retailers and advertisers, have you stopped to think about how doorstep delivery breaks through the clutter of the mailbox? What would you say to low-cost targeted prospecting opportunities or a little guerrilla marketing? How about next-day deliveries?

And, do your materials need a ride because we provide trucking (and can warehouse).

We do all that and more. MagsExpress is the custom distribution and alternate delivery solution for publishers, retailers, catalogers, advertisers, printer and mailers. We provide direct delivery in New York City and manage a network of affiliates who deliver comparable services elsewhere. Learn more »